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Everybody Loves a DJ Buddy Love Party!

My knowledge and desire to learn about all types of music plus my ability to work closely with you to create a great event are what separate me from other disc jockey services. My music collection is continuously updated with the latest top 40 and popular alternative hits, or you can provide a playlist of favorite songs.

Tailored to your tastes!

I consider a successful event one in which customers and guests have a great time, so I work closely with you to make your special event memorable and fun. Songs available from 1890’s “After the Ball” by Charles K. Harris to 2010's "How Low" by Ludacris, plus anything in between!

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From alternative to zydeco.

Alternative, Asian, children’s, Christian, classical, club/techno/house, country/bluegrass/honky tonk, disco, folk, hard rock/heavy metal, jazz/swing/lounge, Latin, Middle Eastern, new wave/punk/hard core/gothic, opera, polka, pop, rap/hip-hop, reggae/ska/dub, rock, salsa, soul/funk/RB, surf, world, zydeco, and more!


Any and All Events!

Weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, banquets, clubs, conventions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirement parties and more! I will track down special song requests for your event.

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“Any Event – Any Song – Much Love!”